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NCR (No Carbon Require) are hassle free invoices which are very helpful to every business thus custom NCR printing is necessary. Invoices are important part of businesses. Aside from it reminds the customers your business name, it also allows them to contact you anytime when they want to order additional products or recommend you to their friends. Custom invoice printing shows you are a trust-worthy seller as it shows your business permit number and other details that shows your legitimacy.

Looking for hassle free invoices? Smarties has a wide variation of NCR Invoice Books you can choose from. Choose a size, book cover, paper and book cover colours, duplicate or triplicate copy, and printing type. We got all that you need at affordable prices.

Product Details

Printing: Full Colour Print | Single colour print
Copies: Duplicate | Triplicate
Available in (3) three sizes: A4 Size | A5 Size | DL Size
Book Cover Options:

  • 700 GSM Diamond Board: Blue, Red, Green and Grey
  • Crocodile Board: Blue, Red, Green and Grey
  • 300 GSM soft cover: Blue, Red, and Green
  • Soft Cover: Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Buf, and White


  • Your Brand logo must still recognizable in single colour print.
  • Make sure to include Important details: Name, title, Company Logo and contact info
  • Make sure text details on the invoice are correct and readable, we suggest to avoid hard to read typefaces.


File Type: We suggest to be supplied with a High-resolution PDF File.
Color Mode: CMYK
Font: All fonts are embedded or converted to curves so they print correctly.
Images: Ensure all images are at the correct resolution
Bleed: All Artwork file should be supplied with a minimum of 3mm bleed on all edges

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Additional information


Duplicate, Triplicate

Print Colour

Single Colour, Full Colour All Pages

Book Cover

700 GSM Blue Diamond Board, 700 GSM Red Diamond Board, 700 GSM Green Diamond Board, 700 GSM Grey Diamond Board, Blue Crocodile Board, Red Chocodile Board, Green Crocodile Board, Grey Crocodile Board, Blue Soft Cover, Red Soft Cover, Green Soft Cover, Grey Soft Cover, Buff Soft Cover, White Soft Cover

Tape Colour

Blue, Red, Green, Black

Writing Shield

Wrap Around


5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50


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