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types of brochure design and printing services Australia

Are you looking for a creative marketing strategy that can capture the attention of your potential clients? Having a brochure is the perfect promotional product you are looking for. However, you need to consider which among the types of brochures that would suit your needs as each types are not only design to look good but have different usage and functions. Brochures encapsulate what your business does and tells in brief about your products and services. A well designed brochure catches attention from potential customers and converts them to real customers. A stunning brochure helps in taking your business to the next level.

We have listed 3 types of Brochure to help you get started and ensure your information will be shared. Keep reading to learn what are the best options for your campaign.


1. No Fold Brochure. Are great for spec sheets , menus, or event brochure as it displays the details or products immediately allowing the customers to understand the products better. Easily fit into brochure racks and work well as direct mail pieces. You can easily maximize the space and highlight your product.No Fold Brochure

2. Bifold Brochure. Also known as book fold or half fold brochure are wider than the others hence can easily grab attention. Its is great for product comparison and often use in restaurants menus. It is brochure constructed by folding an 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 11” x 17” or 11” x 25.5” sheet of paper once, creating two equal halves.

Bifold Brochure


3. Tri Fold Brochure. Is a convenient design that gives you ample space to convey your message. Tri Fold brochures comes in standard size with 2 folding options you can choose.

Types of Tri Fold Brochure

a. Z Fold Brochure. This brochure is a perfect choice for big images, charts, or maps. A document folding method that uses two parallel folds to create six panels of equal size – three panels on each side of the paper. The two folds are made in opposite directions, which forms a shape that resembles the letter Z.

Z Fold Brochureb.  Roll fold. A brochure folded into thirds to create six panels – three panels on each side of the paper. The paper will be folded inward from the right and roll twice in the same direction.

It is very important to choose the right types of brochure for your business. Make sure that the majority of the recipients will decide to keep it for future use. Ensure that the size is handy and will not create any hassle to the recipients.

After choosing the right type of brochure, start collecting ideas on how to design your own or you can seek help from professional graphic artists that will turn your ideas into reality. Make your Business brochure stand out from your competitors with professionally designed brochure.


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