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Custom Refrigerator Magnets Increase Brand Recognition

custom refrigerator magnets Design and Printing Services Australia

Many types of businesses use custom refrigerator magnets to help increase brand recognition and awareness. As we all know, people spend a lot of time in the kitchen,  reaching or looking something in the fridge making custom magnets constantly visible to people who use them on their refrigerator doors.

Custom magnets are likely to to stay with clients for years. They are considered ideal promotional products to use due to the fact that people can easily see it every day in their own homes or offices.

Custom refrigerator magnets are always a common advertising item because they keep your contact information highly visible. It is also very useful to your clients because it helps to secure important notes and documents to refrigerators, cupboards, filing cabinets, and more.

Here are 4 reasons why businesses use custom refrigerator magnets.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • They are easily customized according to your desired shape.
  • Offer long-lasting brand exposure.
  • They are light-weight and easily distributed during trade shows and company events.

When planning for custom magnets, choosing the right shape will make your magnet stand out.There are wide selections but we’re giving you the most effective shape that are use for business marketing.

Here are 3 popular shapes you can choose from.

  1. Custom Magnet Printing – Phone

Does your company use the phone? If yes, phone magnet is perfect for your next promotional campaign.  By phone-shaped magnet, you can easily encourage customers to give you a ring when they need your product or services. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses with a small budget for marketing.

  1. Custom Magnet Printing – Van

How great would it be to have a custom magnet that look like your actual van? Van- shaped magnets are perfect to drive your clients to your business. Stand-out from the competition and be remembered by your clients every time they need you. Build great brand recognition with this effective , low cost, promotional tool.

  1. Custom Magnet Printing – House

Are you a sales agent or a realtor looking to get your contact information to stick? House-shaped magnet is perfect for you. They are great for property professionals because they are extremely functional and a great investment. House-shaped magnets are stylish, fancy, give direct value to customers and gives direct message.

If you have the perfect shape in mind , try designing your own custom refrigerator magnets, or you can ask help from a skilled graphic designer .  Your custom magnets will represent your business to your client so you have to carefully think of a design that will really stand out. Double-checked  the information to avoid losing potential customers because of the wrong info.

When  you ’re done, you can send it to the best printer to materialize your promotional product.  Choosing the best printer is an essential part. Consider a printer with good customer review and will give you a budget-friendly price without sacrificing the quality.


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