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Custom Postcard Printing: Design and Printing Tips

custom postcard printing Design and Printing Services Australia

Custom Postcard Printing is an effective way to market your business, service or event. Postcard helps your message gets noticed by your target audience.  It is a very popular method to reach out to people you normally wouldn’t be able to get in touch with.

However, you cannot get any postcard that will best represent your business from any store. You’ll need to customize to have a postcard that will speak for your business and will match your business’ essentials. Here are some tips for custom postcard to help you get started.

Custom Postcard Printing Design Tips

1. Know tour target market.

Before designing your postcard, know first your target market. Ask yourself what are their needs and what do they like. You should identify what group of people you will reach out to. From there, pattern your custom postcard according to their needs.

If you already have an idea in mind, write down your notes while fresh.

2. Set your objective.

Before anything else, set your objective why are you creating postcards. To make the postcard effective, you should know the reason why making such thing. Is it for your business promotion, announcement of any coming events or for personal reasons? Postcards

3. Choose only significant details

For the reason that postcard gives a little space for design and text, make your message short and direct. Avoid using irrelevant images.

4. Use attractive images and appropriate font style

Choose an attractive photo that will best express what your postcard is all about. Use only appropriate font style that will go with your design to make your postcard look elegant.

Custom Postcard Printing Tips

1. Select the best image resolution

Make sure to use only high-resolution images to have a good quality output. The ideal resolution for printed images is 300 dpi.

2. Use templates

If you want to avoid getting your artwork and text cut off , use templates for your custom postcard design. This will allow you to accurately account for trims, bleeds, and safe zones.

3. Use high-quality paper

Any good design is useless if the paper used for printing is of low quality. Make sure that you only use high-quality paper to achieve your goals for your custom postcards.

Following the list above will surely help you get on track. Be artistic in designing your own postcard and have fun while doing it. There are many printing services and artwork designs available in the market that could help you with your needs. Same with Smarties Colour Print & Designs that has an in-house graphic artist that will surely provide you with an output, based on your taste and desires. They have a wide variety of promotional products, including Custom Postcard Printing that will best represent your business to your potential clients.

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