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Custom Greeting Card Printing for Your Marketing Needs

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Who doesn’t love to receive custom greeting cards? Custom greeting card printing can be a genuine and friendly form of communication for your business. Sending the perfect custom greeting card to your clients is a great way to show them your appreciation, establish good rapport, build strong relationships, and influence future buying habits. If you haven’t thought of using custom greeting cards to persuade potential clients and keep in touch with past clients, then you should.

Although custom greeting cards are highly effective, they are often overlooked when it comes to making print marketing plans. These custom greeting cards should be part of any marketing strategy as it fosters long-term customer loyalty and land immediate sales. A custom greeting card has the potential to establish and secure long-term business relationships with clients who not only appreciate your work, but appreciate you as well.

We have listed 6 ways on how to make custom greeting card printing for your marketing needs.

1. Custom Greeting Card Printing: Occasion and Purpose

Kick off by thinking about when to use your custom greeting cards and for what purpose. The following are examples of when you can send greeting cards:

  • Thank you custom greeting card when you need to thank your customers.
  • Christmas-time to promote any Christmas related products or sending your custom greeting card together with your year-end giveaways to your clients such as calendars, magnets, mugs, etc.
  • A custom greeting card to every client on their birthday.

2. Custom Greeting Card Printing: Format

Choose a format. Decide what size you are going to use for your custom greeting card. There are many sizes available and all you have to do is choose which one is more appropriate for your business. Once you decide what size you are going to use, set the page design to the desired size on the software you are using. It is important to leave some bleed space when designing your custom greeting card if you are going to send it off to the printer.

3. Custom Greeting Card Printing: Design Proper Bleed Space

A bleed space is an additional area outside of your file that is trimmed to assure proper cuts. You need to keep all important images and text (0.125 inch past final document size) from all sides to allow room for cutting. All the text should not cross over the bleed mark.

4. Custom Greeting Card Printing: Design

The easiest way to come up with your desired design is to contact an expert graphic designer who will help make your ideas turn into reality. All you have to do is express what you want and need and they will be in-charge of doing the design for you. If you don’t like to get a graphic designer, you can do this on your own. Unleash your creativity.

5. Custom Greeting Card Printing : Printing options.

Choose the best paper material for your greeting cards. Make sure it will look elegant because it will represent your business to your clients and future clients, too. There are coating options available just like UV High Gloss of Matte Coating. The UV High Gloss gives your cards a shine, which averts your Greeting cards from becoming dirty or bent.

6. Custom Greeting Card Printing : Printer

Once you are done with steps 1 to 5, send it off to a reliable printer with all the options your preferred. You need to choose a printer with quality outputs and good customer service so you can easily discuss your needs and wants.

As an entrepreneur, you are always looking for ways on how to market your products and on how maintain customer loyalty. It is very important to keep in touch with everyone who keeps your business running. There are many marketing strategies to choose from and all you have to do is choose what is best for you. Nevertheless, there are some promotional techniques that are effective at reaching your potential clients, regardless of the types of business you run.

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