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Custom Canopy Step Up your Brand Visibility

custom canopy design and print australia

A custom canopy is a great marketing tool simply because it helps people to quickly identify your brand during events. Whatever the weather is, scorching heat or pouring rain,  custom canopy will help you all the way.

A high-quality personalize marquee canopy gives you a valuable tool for your business events. It is usually the first thing on your packing list for every outdoor marketing event.

 Here are the five advantages of using custom canopy on your outdoor events.

  1. Easy transport

 Setting up for a show is quite difficult because you need to bring a lot of marketing materials including tables, chairs and of course your custom canopy. The good thing is that custom canopy can easily be transferred from one location to another because it is compact and portable. It’s perfect to go from one event to another. Once you arrive, you can quickly assemble the custom canopy and get started with setting up your marketing displays before the attendees arrive.

  1. Increase Brand Visibility

An eye-catching custom canopy force attendees to get close to the booth to figure out which company runs it. Your company logo , name and message should be clear enough from the distance so people will get close and be curious of what you have to offer.

  1. Gathering Place

A custom canopy gives you an official gathering place for your team so they don’t waste time searching where are the people they need to talk with. It is very useful especially when your crew and staff is not familiar with the venue like the festival and tradeshows. Surely, productivity will goes up when everybody is acquainted where to formally gather.

  1. Outdoor Shop

A custom canopy gives you the perfect foundation for an outdoor shop. It creates a store-like feeling when marketing products outdoor. You’ll get great savings because you don’t need to rent another space. Just put it up in front of your space and you can have the perfect spot to display your best seller products or services.

  1. Weather Protection

A custom canopy provides shaded area that is very useful to keep your product safe from weather related damages.  If there is storm, you can have enough time to pack everything and get it under cover. Potential customers, looking for a shaded or protected area, may also linger in your place providing you with additional opportunities to build brand awareness or sell products.

If you want to order a custom canopy, head over to Smarties Coulor Print and Design. We provide only high-quality products that will surely deliver what you exactly need. Our custom canopies are super durable and suitable for all weather types.

Stand out while giving your team and potential customers the shelter they need. Need design help? Email us and let us do the perfect artwork for you.

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