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Backdrop Printing is A Must in Every Company Event

Backdrop Printing

Backdrop printing is an effective method to promote your business. It is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness by getting your logo and company name featured in the backgrounds of images that will be used everywhere, from Facebook and Instagram profiles to newspapers.

It also adds a modish factor to any event, and gives off the impression that you represent a legit company. If you have an attractive backdrop printing , your logo and company name will surely be visible in social media platforms.

Here are some reasons why backdrop printing is a must in every company event.

1. Provides Free Advertising of Your brand

Nowadays, people are fun of taking photos during events and upload it right away to their social media accounts with popular hashtags to gain more engagements. These pictures usually remain in place for months at a time. Can you imagine if all of the attendees of your events will upload their photos with your backdrop printing, carrying your logo and company’s name? Wow! It’s the perfect advertising for you. No more efforts, jut your backdrop printing .

2. Gives Useful Images for Future Marketing

It is a smart way to get recognition for your business whomever poses in front of it. Grab the pictures with famous leaders, executives and / or celebrities in front of your backdrop and use these pictures for future marketing events.

3. Makes Your Company Stand Out at Trade Shows / Conventions

If you are in a Tradeshows or conventions, an impressive backdrop printing attracts more people to come and visit your booth. It will make you look more professional. This will surely make your company stand out.

Backdrop Printing at Emmy’s Red Carpet

Things to Consider for Your Backdrop printing:

1. Size – Check the area where you are going to position your backdrop. The size should be appropriate enough for the space provided.

2. Logo – Your logo should be small enough to fit, but readable in the frame.

3. Colour – The best color to use for your backdrop printing is white. But, if you decide for another color, make sure you pick one that will help your subjects pop off of the background.

4. Easy to Assemble – Always consider the ease of assembling when having a backdrop. Check the quality of the stand that will be supporting your backdrop.

A well designed backdrop media wall can be a great marketing tool – it lets you brand your event, enhance your event’s theme, encourage photo opportunities, and importantly promote sponsors(if any).

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